CCR Trivia

Where did the band's name come from? Creedence Nuvall was the actual name of a friend known by Tom Fogerty when he worked at Pacific Gas and Electric. Clearwater was borrowed from a phrase in a beer ad that John Fogerty liked. Revival came from the fact that the group had been performing together for nearly ten years, and they were finally about to have a shot at the big time.
How was the vocal sound on "Suzie-Q" and "Midnight Special" done? The vocal track was equalized to obtain that sound during production.
How was the sound at the beginning of "Run Through The Jungle" made? Guitar feedback and piano recorded and played backwards.
Who in the band was using Sun speaker cabinets onstage instead of
those Kustom amps, like everyone else was using?
Stu used the Sunn speaker cabinets. He used two Kustom 400 heads for powering his bass sound.
What were the small Fender amps on the Cosmo's Factory album cover used for? John used the small Fender tube amps on certain songs to get a sound the Kustom transistor amps could not produce.
Whose toy helicopter was on the same album cover? The chopper in question belonged to Cosmo's son Brent, age 2 then.
Did CCR play at Woodstock or not? The answer to many a barroom bet is -- yes.
Then why was there no CCR music on the Woodstock album or in the film? John Fogerty felt at the time that the performance was in some ways lacking, and vetoed any of CCR's set from the original soundtrack and film. The 25th Anniversary release did include several songs from CCR's Woodstock performance [Note 1]. The general feeling of fans who have heard this and the entire set is that the band played well. There were numerous technical problems at times, caused by the sound crew, which John was very annoyed at, and rightly so.
What kind of odd looking guitar is John holding on the Green River album cover? A Dobro. You can hear it on "Lookin' Out My Back Door". A Dobro is played with a slide and is tuned in open tunings. John used open "G" tuning.


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